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Nowadays for any miracle cure to achieve any type of credibility it needs to go through a clinical trial. The sad truth is that there are still products on the market that they have no scientific proof and people are buying it just because a famous face is telling them to do.

With pure garcinia cambogia the story is different. Before it was presented to the general public there was a serious clinical trial.

The Pure Garcinia Cambogia Clinical trial Setup:

The trial lasted 12 weeks in total and there were 44 participants. The test was a double blind with placebo. Around half of the subjects have taken placebo and half the pure extract. The people who have joined the study they were all moderately obese, both sexes were represented in the age range of 20-65.

No they were not just weighed in during the beginning and the end of the trial. There was a computed tomography run 4 times during the trial. They started the tomography 2 weeks before the trial then right at day 0 after that they have performed it at the end and 4 weeks after the trial has finished.

Important thing to know. During the study they have only used pure garcinia cambogia. Also the garcinia cambogia extract that was tested contained 60% HCA content.

The Study Results:

By the end of the 12 week study the subjects reported significant weight loss. Both sexes in the wide age range managed to shed some pound off. It showed also that males managed to lose more weight. This is because man have a different metabolism.

The study has also shown that garcinia cambogia has contributed to reduce the fat accumulated around the stomach. In other words if you pair this with a good diet and a workout routine then you could have six pack abs in not time.

Side Effects:

During the trial people haven’t reported any significant side effects from the extract. This means that you can lose weight fast and safe without any risks to your health. IMPORTANT side note: if you want to be extra safe then you should always ask your physician’s advice. Also if you have a history of illnesses or your pregnant then make sure that you ask a qualified person for suggestions.

Why you should choose Pure Garcinia Cambogia:

  • It helps you burn fat fast and safe
  • It tells your brain to burn your stored fat and not to accumulate more
  • It keeps you in a good mood so you don’t try to snack between meals

The best supplier that I could find was Miracle Garcinia Cambogia. They are a trusted source because they manufacture the garcinia extract in a FDA registered lab. The extract contain 60% pure garcinia extract which was used in the study.

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October 12, 2013

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