Aristotle is known as one of the great minds of Western civilization, and among his accomplishments is a treatise known as Poetics.  Simply put, it’s a collection of his views on what makes for a good work of fiction—be it epic poetry, a comedy, or a tragedy, the three most popular forms of fiction in his time—and how those different parts relate to one another.  In his work, Aristotle talks about the importance of balancing style and substance—you need style to catch people’s attention, but without substance to your story and claims, it’s ultimately hollow.

            Enter Dr. Oz and garcinia cambogia.

            On his show in late 2012, the famed TV showman and personality touted the fat busting power of this African fruit.  It wasn’t however, the first time the fruit had been heard of—it’s simply that Dr. Oz has the sort of showmanship and style to get himself and this product noticed.  But does it have the substance to support that style?

            Let’s take a look.

            So as stated above, garcinia cambogia is a fruit which is found in Africa as well as parts of India and the Far East.  This fruit is shaped something like a cross between a squash and a pumpkin, ranges in color from a yellowish-green to a deeper shade of green, and has served as an ingredient in foods such as curry for centuries.  As such, garcinia cambogia is an all-natural, plant-based product, which naturally stands in stark contrast to much of the supplements and drugs on the market today.  Many dietary supplements are seen as being more scientifically and chemically-based, so if you’re a fan of all-natural or “holistic treatments,” then this may well be the fat buster you’ve been looking for.

            How does it work?

            Garcinia cambogia attacks the problem of fat collected around your waistline in two main ways.  To begin with, it works to metabolize in such a way as to serve as a “fat burner.”  In addition, it likewise serves as an appetite suppressant, meaning that you’ll be able to feel fuller while eating less.  This can naturally serve as something of an advantage for a lot of dieters out there; one of the worst drawbacks of any diet can be that awful “empty” feeling in your stomach which may come from not eating enough.  As such, the appetite-suppressing power of this extract allows for you to still feel full while eating less, thus enabling you to stay away from eating in excess and making the process of dropping pounds easier overall.

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August 30, 2013