As one of the most recognized and trusted names in television and medicine, Dr. Oz sets a high standard for the quality and effectiveness of the products he endorses.  Does it come as any surprise then that Dr. Oz recommends Garcinia Cambogia?  For some, it might.  Some may ask what he has to gain from endorsing this product.  Other may question what research exists concerning Garcinia Cambogia for a noted doctor like Dr. Oz to support it.

Well lets take a look at the research and testimonials to get to the bottom of this.

Research on Garcinia Cambogia

Why dr oz recommends garcinia cambogia is because he has taken the time to review its effects on people and has determined that it works.  One important study conducted in late 2012 and released in Oct 2013 states that Garcinia Cambogia helps reduce obesity trough its hypolipemic effect.  43 women were in the medical trial, with 30 receiving Garcinia Cambogia and 13 acting as a control group.  Over the course of 60 days, those taking Garcinia Cambogia lost weight and reduced their BMI. 

If you are like Doctor Oz, then you will need more proof then just one study.  So, here is another.  This second experiment, released on August 7th 2013, looked at the long-term reductions in fat for those with prolonged use.  At the end of the trial, there was an interesting finding.  Garcinia Cambogia helped to reduce the retention of fatty cells.  That is to say, the experimental group formed less fatty tissue from food, reducing weight overall.  If you are still inclined to ask why dr oz recommends garcininia cambogia, this is it.

The truth is that there are dozens of clinical studies attesting to the positive effects of Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss.  The all have control and experimental groups, and the vast majority post a range of positive effects on the body, from a decrease in fat accumulation, to less feelings of hunger, and even weight loss.

The reason any professional would be hesitant to endorse something like Garcinia Cambogia is because of the large amount of trendy dietary supplements out on the market that do nothing at all.  Sadly, we can’t always take people’s word.  That is why we turn to trusted professionals, more interested in spreading health then their own personal wealth. 

So, next time you think about a dietary supplement, take some advice from the doctor himself, and try Garcinia Cambogia.

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September 30, 2013